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                    FCSA (Switzerland) Range Days and rifles

Pete's big one

E.D.M Windrunner .50BMG from Southern California this actual weapon served with the US MARINES SNIPERS in Afganistan


AW 50

Fortmeir 50

Model 95 Barrett

Big Valve

Antoine answering questions from the NCO's.

Dans very nice group with a Winchester 70 in 300 WM

Firing the TRG42

Radnor distances UK 06

Paul on firing point at Radnor 06

Radnor 1200yds target

Chris Stevenson aiming at 1200yds target with his Fortmeir at Radnor UK 06

John Masefield UK on firing point at Radnor 06

John firing his RPA50 at the 1 mile /1750yds target at Radnor 06

That's the way the Brits do it at Warcop UK 05

That's what a personel carrier looks like through a scope Sennybridge UK 06

Mike with his AW50 at Sennybridge X range UK 05

Typical targets on X range at Sennybridge UK

As you might have noticed there is a lady amongst us good on you Abigail 06


600yd firing point at Kingsbury UK 06

Young Richard ready to fire his AI in .308 at Kingsbury

That's what I call a rifle (it's a 20mm Lahti)

Shooting a Saco TRG42 in Finland 1480m/1613yds

Saco TRG42 .338 Lap Mag

Denis ready with .50 + silencer

Nice group Denis with a .50 with a silencer

Denis in position with a Dragunov in 7.92mm

Chef de la range Petit-Hongrin 07

Denis aiming at 1000m target 07

Denis looking at 1000m target 07

1000m target small isnt it

Our new range at Petit-Hongrin VD 07

Pete's Sako TRG 42

Young Jeremy who joined the club 08 is our youngest member, here he is zeroing a SHR in .300 win mag

Mark with his .50 Desert Eagle lively young lady is'nt she, Chamblan 26.06.08

A nice day at Chamblon doing some chrono, the sunshade is thanks to Dan

Here's the .50 belonging to Steve of (FCSA SWISS-UK) fitted with a BR-Reflex silencer from Finland.

Pete giving a few pointers to Viv before shooting the .50

Viv trying out the .50 at Petit-Hongrin 08

Antony on the 400m firing line with his SHR 970 in 7.5x55

Pete firing his TRG 42 Vugelles 08

Chris doing his thing with his .50 Vugelles 08

Thomas a new member with his Formeir .50

Oli firing his Hecate 2 in France 08

This time Oli fires his .50 with silencer

Nice group at 200m with Hecate2

Our friend Steve from FCSA(UK) on the firing line with his .50 Sennybridge 08

Here with a nice smile is Reid the President of FCSA(USA) who has just fired the TRG41

This is Barry firing a .50 he's a member of the FCSA(USA)

Bryan of the FCSA(USA) trying the TRG41

Here is the 1100m firing point at Petit-Hongrin 08

BBQ at Petit-Hongrin

Barry of the FCSA (US) with Viviane

There's Tom, Bryian + Viviane digging in

In the foreground you can see the Formeir belonging to Tom

We now stand together US - SWISS FCSA

Reid stands proud with the Nemesis .50

Barry & Reid taking time out in between shoots

Viviane firing the Hecate 2 at Vugelles 08

Here's Sandra being baptized on the .50 cal at Vugelles 08

Reid having another shoot of TRG41

Here we see Sandra one of our new lady members taking aim with her modified

K31 in 7.5x55

Here's a nice line up at Vugelles 08

Eric shooting his modified K31 at the 1000m point, in the foreground is a McMillan Tac.50 with BR silencer

Chris on the 1000m point with his .50 Vugellles 08

Thomas here spotting for another member

Nice to seat down to a nice BBQ lunch after a mornings shoot, it's Rod with his back to us

Pete on firing point with Marco with his McMillan Tac.50 Vugelles 08

Florion having a chat with Pete

You can see what Oli as to ride around in (Citroen C1,it's the 4door model !!) to be able to pay his PGM Hecate 2.50bmg

Pete's McMillan M87 she goes back to 1992

Here's Pete checking his new mods on ammo

Hi Sylvain we always take a photo before the shot like that we know where all your parts go afterwards it helps the docters / Petit-Hongrin 09

Nice position Sylvain & that's Dave & Geraldo behind

Michael one of our young members taking aim with a .50BMG Hécate 2

Michael trying the standing up position with his .50BMG

And it worked, & he hit the jockey. Vugelles 09

Patrick getting ready behind the .50BMG Hécate 2. Vugelles 08

Now he fire's the .50 for the first time, what does it feel like Patrick?

The moment of relaxation after shooting the .50 at 1800m Vugelles 09

That's John trying the .50 Hecate of Oli Vugelles 09, nice stock of ammo Oli

Pete in front of a troop carrier Piranha, in foreground some fifties Vug 10

Piranha's lining up getting ready to open fire at a 1300m Vug 10

Pete trying on a new set of 50 cal ammo for his winter collection Vug 10

The boys in position in front of a Piranha, good looking lot dont you think

Pete spotting for one of the guys, Vug 10

Here you see the new .50bmg Air-Soft (orange on muzzel-brake) inside the tent of Oli, Vug 10

Oli decided to do some camping admidst the tanks perhaps he was a bit shy, Vug 10

J-M thought we could make use of it at Vugelles

Nice piece of kit

Here you see Alex firing his EDM XM408 in .338LPM Vug 2011

Alex checking out his EDM Vug 2011

Maude trying out the EDM in 408 Chey-Tac Vug 2011

Maude there was'nt any recoil after all.

A Windrunner in position in Afganistain 2010

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